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The Quix tutorials provide you with experience of using Quix. They guide you in a step-by-step manner through a practical use case.

Each tutorial is divided into parts, so that you can leave a tutorial at a convenient point, come back to it later, and continue where you left off.

Some tutorials use project templates - these are marked accordingly.

  • Computer vision

    Computer vision pipeline

    Project template

    Real-time computer vision using TfL's JamCams.


  • Chat sentiment analysis

    Chat sentiment analysis pipeline

    Project template

    Chat application with sentiment analysis and typing indicator.


  • Clickstream analysis

    Clickstream analysis pipeline

    Project template

    Clickstream analysis for online shop data. Features real-time dashboard and web shop user interface.


  • Train and deploy machine learning (ML)

    Extract data from Quix to train your Machine Learning (ML) model in Jupyter Notebook, then deploy your solution in Quix.


  • MATLAB and Simulink

    Deploy real-time MATLAB transformations and Simulink models to Quix.


Need help?

If you'd like some help with a tutorial, or advice on a suitable tutorial for your use case, feel free to ask in the Quix Community!