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Connecting to Quix Cloud

Why Use Quix Cloud

Quix Streams was made to seamlessly integrate with the Quix Cloud.

When running Quix Streams on Quix Cloud, all connection and authentication-based settings are preconfigured for you.

Quix Cloud itself provides a frictionless environment to deploy and manage your applications using either our API or our browser-based UI.

To learn more about Quix Cloud and how to set up a project, please see the Quix Cloud docs.

Can I Use Quix Streams With My Own Kafka?

Using Quix Streams with Quix Cloud is entirely optional.

You could, for example, connect to Redpanda Cloud, or another supported broker, or connect to a self-hosted broker.

Connecting with Quix Streams

Here is how to connect to the Quix Cloud Kafka brokers using Quix Streams:

Within Quix Cloud

If you are running your Quix Streams Application directly within Quix Cloud, it's configured automatically.

Outside of Quix Cloud

1. Obtain Streaming Token

First, get your Streaming Token (also called SDK Token).

NOTE: A Personal Access Token (PAT) is also accepted, but often requires more configuration due to raised privileges. We recommend using the SDK Token.

2. Pass Streaming Token to Application

With your SDK Token and a Quix Streams Application, you can pass it using one of these approaches:

  • Set Environment Variable (recommended):
    • Simply set Quix__Sdk__Token (double underscores!) to your SDK Token

      NOTE: Quix__Sdk__Token is set automatically in Quix Cloud, thus is the recommended approach for an easy migration.


  • Application argument
    • Just do Application(quix_sdk_token="MY_TOKEN")

      WARNING: This value is prioritized over Quix__Sdk__Token, which may cause ambiguity if both are set.

3. Validate it Worked!

When you initialize your Application(), a message should be logged letting you know it will connect to Quix Cloud when is called.

If not, you'll need to double check your settings and try again!