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Create an application

There are various ways to create an application:

  • From the Pipeline view, select + Add new, and then select the appropriate type - for example, one of: source, external source, transformation, external destination, destination.
  • From the Applications view, click + New application.
  • From the Code Samples view, click a suitable code sample as a starting point, for example Starter transformation.

When you create your application, you are prompted for an application name and path:

Application name and path

The application name can be any suitable name, the application path is the folder in which the application is stored in the Git repository.

By default the path is set to be the same as the application name, but you can choose any path name - for example, you might not want to use spaces in folder names, so you use underscores instead of spaces in the path.

By way of example, if you created an application with the name My Application Name, and left the path as the default value, you Git repository would look similar to the following:

Application path

Note the path is the same as the application name.


When you create an application from a code sample, the comment added to the repository displays the code sample that was used as the starting point. In the previous example, the repository comment is "Created from Starter transformation".

Watch a video

See how to create an application: