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CitiBike data


This tutorial is out of date. Please check the tutorials overview for our latest tutorials.

Start by getting the real-time bicycle data. Use the Quix CitiBikes connector to get real-time bicycle availability data (it doesn't require a sign up or any keys).

You won't need to write lots of code, as you will use the Quix Code Samples to deploy a prebuilt service that streams data from the New York CitiBikes API:

  1. Navigate to Code Samples using the left-hand menu and search for New York then select the New York Bikes tile.

    NY Bikes sample tile

  2. Click Deploy:

    a. Leave the Name as it is.

    b. Ensure the output is set to bikes-topic.

  3. Click Deploy.

    The precompiled service is deployed to your environment and begins running immediately.

Part 2 - Weather data