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Consume data

You'll now write some code that simply consumes data from a topic and prints it out.

Step 1: Write your consumer code

Write your consumer code:

from quixstreams import Application
from datetime import timedelta
import json

# connect to your local Kafka broker
app = Application(

# configure the input topic to subscribe to (you'll read data from this topic)
input_topic = app.topic("cpu-load")

# consume (read) messages from the input topic
sdf = app.dataframe(topic=input_topic)

# print every row
sdf = sdf.update(lambda row: print(json.dumps(row)))

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # run the application and process all inbound messages using the sdf pipeline

Save this in a file names

Step 2: Run your consumer


You are now subscribing to data on the cpu-load topic.

Each message received is printed out as JSON:

    "cpu_load": 5.7,
    "memory": {
        "total": 0,
        "used": 0,
        "free": 0,
        "percent": 0,
        "sin": 90937131008,
        "sout": 483672064
    "timestamp": 1712238254512946000

Next step

  • Process data - process streaming data in a Kafka topic in real time.