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Broker configuration

Message Broker configurations are not an easy part of setting up a new streaming infrastructure. For instance, Kafka configuration has more than 500 different properties across Server, Topic, Consumer and Producer configurations.

Quix handles Kafka configuration efficiently and reliably. We maintain these configurations in order to achieve the best performance and reliability when using the Quix SDK together with managed Kafka topics created inside Quix workspaces.

In addition, the Quix SDK uses high-security connections using SSL certificates that encrypt all your data between producers and consumers. These types of secured connection require some complex configuration in the Broker and Client side. We take care of this in the SDK so you don’t have to.

Example server side Kafka configuration

Our templates come with pre-configured client certificates and connection settings, so you don’t need to worry about this configuration complexity.

Refer to the Connecting to Quix section for more information.