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Select the default environment for the current context

Aliases: use


quix use [<workspace-id>] [options]


  • <workspace-id> : The ID of the environment to set as default

How It Works

The quix use command allows you to set a default workspace for the current context in your local development environment. This command streamlines your workflow by ensuring that the correct workspace is configured without the need for manual adjustments each time, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.

Example Usage

Interactive Mode

When you run the command without any arguments, it will show you a list of projects:

$ quix use
? Select project:
> Project A
  Project B
  Project C

Then you select the desired environment:

 Project: Project A
? Select environment:
> Environment X
  Environment Y
  Environment Z

 Project: Project A
 Environment: Environment X
 workspace-id: myorg-projecta-environmentx

Non-Interactive Mode

You can directly choose the environment that you want to use:

$ quix use myorg-projecta-environmentx