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cloud users permissions set


Sets the whole permissions of a user, replacing the current ones. Available roles: [Admin, Manager, Editor, Viewer]

Aliases: set


quix cloud users permissions set [<user-id>] [options]


  • <user-id> : id of the user


  • --scope <scope> : The scope of this permission
  • --role <role> : The role of this permission

How It Works

The set command is used to assign permissions to a user in your organization. This command replaces the current permissions with the ones specified.

  1. User Identification:

    • You can specify the user ID directly. If not provided, the command will enter interactive mode to select a user.
  2. Scope and Role Specification:

    • You can define the scope and role of the permissions. If not specified, the command will enter interactive mode to select projects, environments, and roles.


If you just want to modify a specific permission instead, refer to this command.

Example Usage

Interactive Mode

Select the user:

$ quix cloud user permissions set
? Select user:
>                    John Doe                    Jane Doe                       User One                       User Two                       User Three

Then select the resource:

? Select resources:
> [ ] MyOrg
  [ ] Project A
    [X] Environment X
   [ ] ProjectB
    [ ] EnvironmentY

Use the arrow keys to navigate:  (Press <space> to select, <enter> to accept)

Select the role for this resource:

? Select role for scope Project A - Environment X (Workspace) []:
> Admin

Confirm the permissions:

  Scope                                           | Role
  Workspace:myorg-projecta-environmentx           | Admin

? Use these permissions?: [y/n] (y):

Non-Interactive Mode

$ quix cloud user permissions set <userId> --scope Workspace:myorg-projecta-environmentx --role Admin


To get the user ID, you can use this command.