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cloud users permissions list


Get the permissions of all the users in the organisation

Aliases: list, ls


quix cloud users permissions list [options]


  • -o, --output <json|table> : Output type of the retrieved data

How It Works

The quix cloud user permissions list command retrieves the permissions of all users in the organization. This command provides a comprehensive overview of the roles and scopes assigned to each user.

Example Usage

$ quix cloud user permissions list

User Id                              | Email           | Scope              | Role
d3d50bbb-ff1c-43db-85a9-1ee04f2b7cc7 | | Organisation:myorg | Admin
9ddf53bc-f67d-4fe3-8245-257e0d852b81 | | Organisation:myorg | Editor
39df2e5e-37b4-4341-ab17-d5b2807b94f0 | | Organisation:myorg | Manager


You can use the --output option to customize the format of the output.