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cloud users permissions get


Get the permissions of a user or all the users in the organisation

Aliases: get


quix cloud users permissions get [<user-id>] [options]


  • <user-id> : id of the user


  • -o, --output <json|table> : Output type of the retrieved data
  • --raw : Prints the array of permission assignments in the format "[{Scope, Role}, {Scope, Role}, ...]"

How It Works

The quix cloud user permissions get command retrieves the permissions of a specified user or all users in the organization. This command allows you to view the roles and scopes assigned to users.

Example Usage

Interactive Mode

$ quix cloud users permissions get
? Select user:
>                    John Doe                    Jane Doe                       User One                       User Two                       User Three


Scope               | Role
Organisation:myorg  | Admin

Non-Interactive Mode

$ quix cloud users permissions get <userId>

Scope               | Role
Organisation:myorg  | Admin


To get the user ID, you can use this command.


You can use the --output option to customize the format of the output.