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cloud users permissions delete


Deletes the value of a single permission of a user in the organisation

Aliases: delete, del, remove, rm


quix cloud users permissions delete [<user-id>] [options]


  • <user-id> : ID of the user


  • --scope <scope> (REQUIRED) : The scope of this permission

How It Works

The delete command is used to remove a specific permission assigned to a user within an organization. This requires specifying the user ID and the scope of the permission to be deleted. The command can be run in both interactive and non-interactive modes, making it versatile for different use cases.

Example Usage

Interactive Mode

If you run the command without specifying the user ID, it will enter interactive mode:

$ quix cloud users permissions delete --scope "Workspace:myorg-projecta-environmentx"

In this mode, you will be prompted to select the user from a list:

? Select user:
>                    John Doe                    Jane Doe                       User One                       User Two                       User Three

After successfully deleting the permission, the console will display your current permissions.

Non-Interactive Mode

To delete a user's permission by directly specifying the user ID and permission scope:

$ quix cloud users permissions delete <user-id> --scope "Workspace:myorg-projecta-environmentx"


To get the user ID, you can use this command.