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Quix Documentation

Welcome to the Quix documentation!

Get started

If you're new to Quix, here are some resources to help get you started quickly.

  • What is Quix?

    New to Quix? Find out more.

    What is Quix?

  • Definitions

    Learn about common terms and definitions.


  • Quickstart

    Start working with Quix Platform, the simple-to-use GUI for building real-time streaming applications.


  • Help

    If you need any help, please sign up to The Stream community, our free public Slack channel.

    Join The Stream community


By following these tutorials, you can learn how to build data-driven apps, and integrate Quix with external systems.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Stream data from Twitter and build a Sentiment analysis pipeline.

    Sentiment Analysis

  • Image Processing

    Real time image processing using London's 'Jam Cams'.

    Image Processing

Core resources

Read more about the Quix SDK and APIs.

  • Connect to Quix - SDK

    Discover how to connect Quix and your application using our SDK.

    Learn more

  • Writing data - SDK

    Read how to send real-time data to Kafka topics using the Quix SDK.

    Learn more

  • Reading data - SDK

    Learn how to receive real-time data in your application using the Quix SDK.

    Learn more

  • Streaming Writer API

    Stream data to Quix Kafka topics via HTTP with this API.

    Learn more

  • Streaming Reader API

    Work with this API to receive live data in your Web applications from Quix Kafka topics via Websockets.

    Learn more

  • Data Catalogue API

    Query historic time-series data in Quix using HTTP interface.

    Learn more